Explore Agva!

Agva’s new tourist guide is now available online and at selected locations.

The map of Agva,sketched by Adem Donmez who is a famous caricature artist, is now complete. On this map, you will find the bays, trails, hotels, main facilities, public buildings, and some of the major companies of Agva. Recognized as the district’s official travel map, it folds into an 18-page mini brochure with accommodation, dining, and hiking tips in both Turkish andEnglish. The Explore Agva Map will be available at the entry points into Agva,the Tourism office, and the bus terminal as well as the hotels of Agva. To view the map, please click on the tourist icon on the right.

Welcome to the ExploreAgva site. We are a bunch of environmentalists as well as tourism professionals that aim to promote beautiful Agva, its pristine nature, and its remarkable facilities. All the hotels and and dining facilities included in this guide have been selected specifically to ensure your comfort and pleasure. Take a look at Agva through this portal, become a member, and enjoy the privileges.

We would like to thank the Agva Hotels and Lodging Association and Municipality of Sile for their contribution to our cause, to the portal, and to the guide. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding any of the facilities presented in the guides.



Ağva Kurabiye Race

Event organized by the Macera Akademisi team will be set on the 7th of December in beautiful Ağva and we as 'explore agva' are the reward sponsor of the race. For more information please visit the website www.kurabiyemy.com

Goksu welcomes environmentally-friendly electric leisure boats!

Today, alarming levels of marine and freshwater pollution from a variety of sources prompt the use of electric boats and the banning of gasoline and diesel boats on lakes and waterways in Europe. We have started the initiative for Goksu, Agva’s waterway, and expect the transformation to be completed by 2015. 

Explore Kilimli with newly set-up hiking trails

Along the 6 km long trail, you will find river crossings, forest paths, and cliff passages. To reach Kilimli and start the walk, you can cross Yesilcay River by boat. The area is spotted with ruins of tombs, columns, and other antique monuments, and in the highlands behind the lighthouse, you will find the necropolis of the antique city of Acqua (Agva).

Map of Agva
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