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About Agva Kilimli Trail


This year we had long walks in the area to map beautiful walking trails for you. Now you can walk through  5 main Agva trails surrounding the town. Four of these trails are the woods, riverside and coastline paths in the surrounding areas. The fifth trail is the Hacilli Waterfalls trail, which is 15 kilometers away from the town. You may find the first four trails on our Explore Agva map and Hacilli trekking trail on our Hacilli trail map. Ask for these maps at your hotel.


Length: 5 kilometers

Difficulty Level: 1-2

Kilimli hill and bay are on the west side of Agva. In order to reach Kilimli, you need to cross over from Agva harbor to Yesilcay River. The boats waiting by the harbor next to the Liman Restaurant will help you with this. Crossing over fee is 1 TL per head and they don’t charge you for return trips.

Starting from where you get off the boat, follow the trail signs, walk along the woods and the shoreline, and you will reach Kilimli cliffs and bay.

Agva had been the passage of countless civilizations from Hittites and Phrygians to Roman and Ottoman Empires. It is possible to see the remains of history dating back to B.C. 7. The tomb belonging to  the Roman Empire era located at the beginning of Kilimli trail is an example of this fact. Even though there has not been any archeological excavation work yet, the foundlings in hand shows that the Kilimli area was an old Roman compound. Experts believe that the area took its present outlook with Turks.

Along the trail, there are small bays hid among the rocks where you can take short breaks. The effects of winds and waves carving out the limestone cliffs, caused the formation of those magical rock sculptures and one of the most famous natural sculptures in the area is the Bride Rock (Gelin Kayasi), even though the head of the bride is not there anymore. After this trip, do not forget to share your Kilimli pictures with us on Explore Agva Club Kilimli Photos! When you've reached the Sunset point marked on the Explore Agva map, make sure you have a bottle of wine or beer with you. Or you will regret it!

At the top there is a restaurant, which has a 360 degrees of view. When you walk down to the calm and serene pools, you will never want to leave. Located on the east side of the cliffs, Kilimli Bay is a small, but pleasant bay with its gritty structure. Picking up large amounts of stones from the bay is prohibited. However if you are an amateur stone collector, you should pick a few of those colorful, decorative stones as a memory of your visit.

Since a private company runs this bay, there is a facility where you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas. Also drinks and snacks are available in a nearby café.

Map of Agva
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