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About Kurfalli Woods Trails


This year we had long walks in the area to map beautiful walking trails for you. Now you can walk through  5 main Agva trails surrounding the town. Four of these trails are the woods, riverside and coastline paths in the surrounding areas. The fifth trail is the Hacilli Waterfalls trail, which is 15 kilometers away from the town. You may find the first four trails on our Explore Agva map and Hacilli trekking trail on our Hacilli trail map. Ask for these maps at your hotel.


Length: 2 kilometers

Difficulty Level: 1

Take off from our starting point, follow Nehir Boyu street for about 200 meters in parallel with Goksu River and when you reach the end, turn right to Kurfalli hill’s slope and enter the woods. When you reach the “small house” marked in the Explore Agva map, you may choose one of two routes. If you follow the path to the left of the house headed north and climb down the slope, you will be accompanied by the sound of the waves of the Black Sea even though it is not very close.

As you climb down the slope, you will reach the gozleme-tea diner. After taking a short break here, you may climb up the hill and see Kurfalli dunes and Black Sea’s breathtaking scenery. Here you have two options; you may either return or keep walking on the beach towards Agva. It is worth to see the intersection point where Goksu River meets the sea. You may start walking towards the land from the shore and come back to the starting point.

If you follow the road in front of the small house and go northeast instead of turning left from that point, you will reach our tourism office at the “start” mark. The chestnut woods trail here is an easy and pleasant trail which people of all ages enjoy. During your hike, you may see wild strawberry, rosehip, kokina and various mushroom species. If you are staying in one of the hotels located on the Kurfalli side of Goksu River, this may be a long but pleasant walk to the sea. If you would prefer silence and serenity, you may enjoy this beach, which is not as crowded as Agva beach.

Map of Agva
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