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About Agva Lovers Road


This year we had long walks in the area to map beautiful walking trails for you. Now you can walk through  5 main Agva trails surrounding the town. Four of these trails are the woods, riverside and coastline paths in the surrounding areas. The fifth trail is the Hacilli Waterfalls trail, which is 15 kilometers away from the town. You may find the first four trails on our Explore Agva map and Hacilli trekking trail on our Hacilli trail map. Ask for these maps at your hotel.


Length: 1 kilometers

Difficulty Level: 1

Asiklar Yolu is a quiet, pleasant and quite romantic trail along the Iskele Street parallel to Yesilcay River. You will see boatyards, boat shops, fisherman shelters and decks along the shore. In summer this road is coated with colorful flowers. The side slope of the river is the main habitat of kingfishers. Kingfishers, wild ducks, geese and  a wide variety of birds that increase in numbers as you reach the harbor will accompany you throughout your trail. As you reach the end of the trail, one of the alleys will take you to the harbor.


Animal Signs: Herons (Balıkçıllar)

As a totem animal, the Heron signifies self determination and self reliance. It is said that the appearance of a blue heron is a symbol to follow your own unique wisdom and self-determination. The heron is about following your heart and your soul rather than popular opinion or the latest "bandwagon".

* Quoted from a bloggers’ online article called “Animal Signs: The Heron.” For the rest of the text, please check our tweets on Twitter. 

Map of Agva
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