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Ideally located  in between two rivers by the Blacksea Agva is perfect  for amateur lake and river fishing and professional fishery. Both rivers are suitable for line fishing. You can also join professional fishing boats for professional  fishery beginning from September. 


Hand-Line Fishing in Goksu River

In the 5-6 meters deep Goksu River, gray mullet is very bountiful. Other than fishing, listening to frogs and watching gray mullets jump give peaceful feeling. In winter, the gray mullets that enter the Goksu River get trapped here and they are easily caught using bait and fishing lines. Also other local fish; carp, fresh water trout and roach fish are abundant in the area. In this river, it is possible to use bread or dough, corn for carp fish, strawberry and wheat as bait. Since worms and chicken liver are used in catching goby fish, these baits are not used for catching large fish. In Goksu River, it is possible to use bottom laying baits. Algae growth in this area is less as compared to Yesilcay River and the bottom is more or less sandy, or in more correct terms, a mixture of sand and mud.

The ideal fishing rod to be used in this area is a 6-meter standard lake rod. Rods longer than 6 meters do not function well due to the surrounding woods; whereas rods shorter than 6 meters do not function well due to the depth of water and the structure of the ground. Other than that, it is possible to use chain bottom laying equipments with two or three needles. For some reason, carp string does not work in this area.

In both rivers, it is possible to find silver fish that can be used as bait. These fish can be caught in the Yesilcay River by throwing bread crust into the water and collecting the fish around the bread with a dip net and in the Goksu River you may use a dip net also or a trawl line with a needle and a green flush suspended from a bridge. If using a dip net and/or trawl line are not an option, attaching a size 8-9 fly needle to an empty fishing line would help.


Hand-Line Fishing in Yesilcay River

The bread and fish pieces thrown into the Yesilcay River from nearby restaurants attract mullets, therefore it is easy to catch those fish with almost any type of fishing line. Bottom wraps and even bluefish equipment would help. Bottom laying fishing is never successful in this area. With no undercurrent, the algae growth is always abundant. Bottom wraps should also be thrown at least half a meter above the bottom. The seaweed at the bottom are river algae, therefore fishing lines will not get stuck and even if they did, it is easy to pull them back up.

In Yesilcay River, as you move further away from the coast, it’s possible to catch carp bream and green carp. Again, with bread and dough, you could enjoy fishing. Using worms, sea worms, or chicken liver as bait would be a waste of time resulting in only catching loads of gobies.

In the dam pond, you will find an abundant amount of carp bream and green carp. It’s possible to catch 2-3 kilos of fish in this area. However, the most important factor with catching these fish is the baiting. With steady and correct baiting, you could even notice a raise in efficiency. Usually big fish are caught right before noon and in the evenings.



Particularly on high shores with cliffs, it is possible to perform amateur fishing with a line. This way, you could catch horse mackerel, bluefish, gray mullet, fork beard and gobies.

This is an ideal area for spear fishing. Mask, fin and spear are the only equipment you would need.

You could catch bass, scads, bluefish and gray mullet using a spear. 

Map of Agva
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