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A journey to the mushroom realm with MUSHROOM MAN.


“Mushroom is a sport for Europeans. And this is such a sport that even a 70 year-old lady or an 80 year-old gentleman may join. This is trekking. Think about it, mushrooms attract people from many areas of life. If you think of it as a sport, people who want to live healthy find this interesting. Since it deals with nature, people who wants to protect nature are interested. They grow in forests, so it is forestry’s concern. They are edible, so anyone who cares about their taste are interested. There is a mushroom trade, so it is economy’s concern. And since they are used for pharmaceutical purposes, it is medicine’s concern.”

Jilber Barutciyan; Mushroom Expert.


Who is Jilber Barutciyan?

Barutciyan started working with mushrooms in Switzerland and today he is a professional mushroom expert who was validated by Switzerland’s Ministry of Health.

The certificate that gives a person the authority to check the mushrooms harvested by people, to give any type of certificate regarding mushroom trade and to organize workshops, is given only by Switzerland’s Ministry of Health in the world.

Barutciyan has been working with mushrooms for 24 years and he shares his knowledge on mushrooms with people who are interested. He is able to give this training in Turkish and French. The training consisting of a theoretical study and a field trip, takes about 5 hours. The purpose of this training is to inform the participants about mushrooms in general, to help avoid the poisoning risk, to inform people about at least 5 or 10 delicious and valuable mushroom species and to share the love for nature.

The dates about the mushroom tours will be announced during season in our Explore Agva website! Follow us!

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