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Agva guides, about Goksu River


In Agva, there are two beautiful rivers; Goksu and Yesilcay. 

Goksu River

Goksu River is located on the west side of Agva and it pours into the sea from the middle of the beach. The structure of delta in the mouth of the stream differs depending on the season. In winter, due to harsh effects of northern winds and wild waves, the delta opens wide whereas in summer it closes completely under the sand, blocks the river and becomes a part of the beach. The current from the river decreases, but continues to pour into the sea as a bottom current.

Goksu River has been a popular place for eco-tourism and beautiful boutique hotels over the last 15 years. Most of the hotels in our Explore Agva Guide are located in this area. Becoming increasingly popular in the world, this area presents an ideal tourist spot for us as well as other countries , even though there are some issues that are needed solving.

Goksu River’s nature and green pasture is a breathtaking beauty. In today’s “modern” world where anyone who lives in a city needing to be close to nature, Goksu River will satisfy this need with a quiet canoe or even a boat ride. While enjoying your vacation among birds, frogs, turtles and fish, you will be surprised at the tranquility you will feel.

On Goksu River, it’s possible to move forward for about 5 km. As we move further away from the sea, there is bird watching on the coasts of the river where there is no housing. In Goksu River, if you choose to take a trip with an row boat, it is possible to spot rare birds such as robin, kingfisher, goldfinch, greenfinch, cormorant, nightingale and woodcock. You are free to swim as much as you wish in this area where the housing ends.

You are free to swim and enjoy the river in this area where there is no residency.

In order to enjoy nature and save the natural life, please choose engineless boats and vehicles for your trips on Goksu River.

 If you like fishing, in the 5-6 meters deep Goksu River, gray mullet is very bountiful. Other than fishing, listening to frogs and watching gray mullets jump give peaceful feeling. In winter, the gray mullets that enter the Goksu River get trapped here and they are easily caught using bait and fishing lines. Also other local fish; carp, fresh water trout and roach fish are abundant in the area. In this river, it is possible to use bread or dough, corn for carp fish, strawberry and wheat as bait. The ideal fishing rod to be used in this area is a 6-meter standard lake rod.

Explore Agva Club team organizes day and night safari tours around Goksu River. Take a look at DayTrips.

Explore Agva Club team is getting ready to launch Agva’s first hybrid boat to Goksu River in May.


Suggestions for Goksu River

  • For all the lakes and rivers in Europe, the boats with internal combustion, which use fuel oil and diesel, are prohibited, only hybrid and solar energy boats are allowed.
  • Engines with internal combustion, due to their carbon dioxide release, causes pollution in the atmosphere and water. Bilge wastes form an oil layer on the surface of the water and it prevents oxygen reaching under the water, so that the oxygen amount in the water decreases.
  • The engine noise in the river causes fish to panic , feel threatened and hide causing the baiting system to become broken . The irregular life affects their baiting order. Gradually water becomes unproductive regarding the natural environment and fishery in the area.
  • All the boats with engines in Goksu River should be banned, if not qualified to be converted to solar and hybrid energies.

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