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Agva guides, Abut Onbirgoller Valley and Hacilli Waterfalls


You'll start exploring the Agva caves next year!

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Agva’s most important natural assets are located in this area. If you follow the map starting at our Club office, and follow the ridgeway as if going back to Istanbul, then in about 10 km, you will pass Isakoy, Gokmasli and the Ubeyli Villages. Turn left where you see the Goksu-Hacilli sign right after Ubeyli village. Goksu village is located on the 4th and Hacilli is located on the 7th kilometers of this road.

As you reach the Hacilli village on top, you may do a little shopping from the village’s grocery. If you start your walk from this point, take a left from the mosque and follow the descending dirt road. On the left, you may see heaps of oak pieces, which look like Indian tents. These oaks are being prepared for charcoal production. When the road starts turning right, if you choose the path right across from you instead of following the road, you may reach the river faster. Keep the river on your right and keep walking until you reach the wooden bridge. A short break would be nice here. After you pass onto the other side, follow the natural limestone path, which looks like steppingstones, and keep walking until the place where the river intersects with your path for the second time. You need to cross over once more. Either take your shoes off or step on the steppingstones on the surface of the river. Right now it is too soon to get wet!

Then keep following the river up to the hills until you reach the waterfalls. Depending on the flow rate and capacity of the water, it may be necessary to reach to the right or left slopes of the river. When you follow the valley, you start seeing many big and small ponds and waterfalls.

The third big bowl on the road is our favorite. The pond has a narrow shoreline with gravel. This spot is very suitable to start a fire, have a nice picnic or camp. Now you can get wet. Do not come back without drinking and swimming in the pond’s ice-cold waters. On the east wall of the pond, it is possible to see Gurlek Cave’s mouth, which is 10 meters high. You may walk to that point. After that, if you would like to see the cave and other ponds, you need good equipment and a strong sense of adventure. The entire track from and to Hacilli village is approximately 6 kilometers.

If you have only 1 day per year to get refreshed in nature, this is where you want to be. 

Map of Agva
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